Help decoding the “IGA” gene area?

Can anyone help decode this IGA section for me? What would I need to test for or be aware of? I notice I am homozygous for most of these below and at least heterozygous for the remaining. I know that I have high IGF1 levels on blood tests but I am not sure what these others mean, other than a higher chance of Crohn’s disease- which I know my uncle has. Any help would be appreciated.


Id - Gene - rsID - Minor Allele - Genotype - Phenotype

1 CFH rs6677604 A AA +/+
2 HLA-DPB2 rs1883414 A AG +/-
3 HORMAD2 rs2412971 G GG +/+
4 IFIH1 rs1990760 T CT +/-
5 IGF1R rs2229765 A AA +/+
6 IRF5 rs4728142 A AA +/+
7 MTC03P1 rs2856717 A AA +/+
8 TRAF1 rs3761847 G GG +/+