GLUTEN INTOLERANCE GENES - RS7454108-CC, RS2187668-CC - Question 1

Have you been tested for celiac’s? I was negative, but believe that gluten is a problem.


Yes. I have been tested for celiac’s it was negative but nevertheless I have to avoid gluten if I want to fell well.

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Yes. Tested positive. They didn’t want to test me but I forced the issue. 2009.

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I was tested at my Dr office when I had been off gluten for 3 yrs and, of course, it was negative. I had a biopsy of small intestines after I had been off gluten for 5 yrs and, of course, it was negative. All Drs knew I had been gluten free for yrs but they tested anyway. Guess it was for the insurance $$. On my own, I tested with Glutenpro and my result was Homozygous DQ8. When I eat gluten I am groggy within 20 minutes and have to go to bed for 6 to 24 hrs. I have had this problem all my life. My reactions have gotten worse as I have gotten older.

Yes, I was tested, but came up negative, but I hadn’t eaten anything with gluten in it for a long time. I still think I have a sensitivity to it.

Did any of you run the Celiac panels on Livewello too? I used gene templates CELIACSNPS and GLUTEN SENSITIVITY SNPEDIA1. Like several of you I have been tested and biopsied when I was off gluten. Now I have added a couple (4) more SNP’s from research on and come to a total of 20 yellow and 1 red(MYO9B)!

I’m wondering if it’s any use to go back to your doctor with these results? It’s probably not going to be diagnostic all by itself as having these SNP’s only increases the chance of Celiacs…

Mari, don’t bring those results to your dr. They will think you’re a hypochondriac OR they will think that you really have it and then be annoyed when they find out that most of those snps are EXTREMELY COMMON. If you find one that’s found in less than 1% of the population and can prove it by seeing how many livewello users have it, then you might want to consider showing them.

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thanks I won’t :slight_smile: But I don’t think the minor allele frequency says it all, as the only 2 SNP’s that give you Celiac ‘certainty’ HLADQa1 rs2187668 and HLA DQ8 rs7454108 have a MAF of 8,3 and 9,8 % (don’t have those). My most ‘rare’ variant in that list is 6,4 %. (the KIAA1109)

I have rs7454108 TT and rs2187668 GG.

I do not know what this represents.

In Promethease both were marked “green” for good.

The G.I. colonoscopy MD however said I had mucous and used the word inflammation three times in one sentence.

He said “no wheat - no milk”.

I had parasites treated by two courses of medicine.

I believe that is the problem.

I stopped all wheat and milk, and all gluten grains. I looked up inflammatory foods and food beneficial for inflammation. I tried Banyan Botanicals “Healthy Kapha”. I tried D’Adamo Swami XP2 software. I added D’Adamo Supplements including Polyflora for Type O.

I feel a lot better.

Will I be able to tolerate gluten?

Will I always have gluten sensitivity?

Do I have environmental or genetic gluten intolerance?

I was diagnosed with Celiac 11 years ago. First I tested positive in a saliva test, then a blood test, then a biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. It seems many of you already know you will get false negative results if you haven’t recently been exposed. I carry 4 different Celiac markers, homozygous recessive for one of the genes.

Genes are only a very small part of the problem today. Gluten intolerance is epidemic now but was unheard of three decades ago. Anthony Samsel explains that clearly. Glyphosate, the ingredient in the weed killer Roundup, is in almost all processed food we eat.

Glyphosate combines with digestive enzymes to prevent the gut from breaking down food. In other words, with each meal, you are taking a pharmaceutical like drug that blocks your enzymes from working properly. Undigested food, therefore, gets into the bloodstream and the body reacts to it as foreign, developing antibodies to those proteins it believes are invading your body. Your body tries to save the day by fighting the foreign proteins, plus most likely other proteins in your body that look similar, hence reactions to all kinds of things, including ourselves (Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimer’s).

Our genes have not changed but the environment has. If you look at the correlation between autism, obesity, T2D, neuro-degenerative diseases, and many others, you will find nearly a 95-99% correlation with the use of glyphosate on our food. Simply put, consuming herbicides with your food insures a major increase in chronic diseases. I have seen young family members (20-40 yrs.) put on a liver transplant list, have their intestines cut out, put on steroids to fight high fever/sepsis, and had their diet cut to nearly nothing. The next age up is filled with cancers, autoimmune reactions, neuro-degenerative diseases, and joint replacements. All that is highly correlated to the amount of glyphosate consumed. Glyphosate destroys the gut (which is about 70% of our immune system), it prevents the liver from detoxifying toxins, it prevents the body from healing itself, it breaks down the gut and blood brain barrier, and it deprives the body of key minerals while at the same time can deliver the same minerals to parts of the body where they are toxic.

Watch Stephanie Seneff or Anthony Samsel on YouTube to learn about the non-gene contributors to most diseases on the rise. I found that looking at my own genes for ten hours reveals less than spending an hour trying to find ways to avoid environmental exposures that creep into my life.

I recently discovered trough Genetic testing that I have 2 copies of a Genetic Variant for Gluten intolerance.

I have no diagnosis, and no further information about those two SNP’s.

I would like to know.

I did get D’Adamo Swami software to try that genotype diet food selection, serving sizes and per week use.

I feel considerably better following the guidelines and information about supplements there.

It is possible that when my microbiome in my digestive tract improves, I will do better with these foods.

However, if I should avoid the food selections listed here I would like to know.

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23 and me, is the company that did my genetic test…

There is a gluten genetic section in this book, and with the report that goes along with the gene:

It covers many different genes. Gluten is only a small part of the book