G6PD deficiency and hydroxychloroguine

It is commonly misunderstood that women don’t have G6PD deficiency. However if they inherit an x with it from their father and an x without it from their mother then each cell has a 50/50 chance of being deficient depending on which X chromosome is active in the cell. In the red blood cells it may turn out to be more than 50% so a significant anemia may be caused by administration of any quinine related drug or of course eating favs beans.

There are also sub-G6PD* genes and/or enzymes that are often overlooked by doctors. Livewello did a good job of extracting a fair number of them.

I was supposedly “in the clear” for G6PD until I started taking Dapsone indefinitely for chronic mycoplasma pneumonia. I thought I was going to lose my legs or my veins would all burst. Dapsone is known to interact with quinine drugs. But nowhere does it Buspar? Buspirone. That’s what it was.

I’m being treated mainly as “psych” while my immunologist researches what’s really going on. So I try their silly meds, have zero improvement despite the raving research just published.

As soon as Day 2 on Dapsone (plus valcyclovir - that stuff is BRUTAL on my system and I take it weekly - others have no problem), I straight up quit the Buspar. Lungs are more important! :wink:

I find it curious there are no interactions documented.
I also brought up to the “psych” doc that fluconazole (take weekly, indefinitely) interacts with Lexapro. He looked at whatever source he had and said there were no contra-indications!

We need to dance the slippery path of researching drug interactions while not ‘taking on’ the mentioned side effects. (like the Medical School phenonemon - where studying pre-docs come down with symptoms of whatever they are currently studying!)

Hi, my name is Barbara; isn’t it unbelievable they are all treating us as mental cases bc they don’t know anything about genetics?? I had no luck with valcyclovir for EBV and several other viruses. Buspar did nothing, have no doctors here with any clue and their meds are damaging me more… Prayers for you and all of us.