CRHR1 HPA and stress response

Hello, I’ve just joined after getting my raw data yesterday. When I clicked on the above, it said none of the SNPs were found in my sample. Does that mean I gave none or would a different company find them.

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That is a legit result. You may not have that particular location of that particular gene that has been identified. I have had that with commercial genome sequencing and LabCorp “legit” gene testing.

Genetics is super complicated. There are deletions (so you can’t create a variance report for it!), ‘missence genes’ - the DNA got tossed into a blender at some point at a certain location. Mutations (cancer is the most widely known). Duplications - I just saw on a topic header. And flat out zero inheritence.

(The Great Dane dog gene pool is so small now, breeders choose to breed dogs with known disease just because they were too selective for too long. Carrier + clear make a fine pairing to enhance the breed line diversity without producing pups w/ known disease. Just an example.)