Wanting to create a new, usable variance report. Help?

I have a list of 13 genes that MD Anderson tested my father for before he pasted away. My father had AML and Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. Their intention was to check him for any genetic basis for these diseases. I want to create a usable, accurate variance report for everyone to use, but there are literally thousands upon thousants of snps for these genes. What is a good way to create this report without making a mistake? I don’t trust myself. The genes are as follows: ANKRD26, CEBPA, DDX41, ETV6, GATA2, RTEL1, RUNX1, SAMD9, SAMD9L, SRP72, TERT, TERC, and TP53.

I will try to help you. Shoot me an email