Hi guys. I have a question about COMT.

"… Compared to people with COMT rs4680 GG, people with AA genotype (and to a lesser extent, AG genotype) exhibited the following personality traits:

  • Increased ability to experience reward in the flow of daily life
  • Increased creative potential;
  • Higher IQ and executive functioning;
  • Better verbal working memory and less age-related changes in working memory performance;
  • Worse performance under stress; Higher accuracy with motor performance tasks such as aiming;
  • Higher risk of impulsivity,
  • neuroticism and anxiety disorders
  • Higher risk of ADHD"

Has anyone noticed these effects?

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I am more creative with ADHD and some anxiety. I am intelligent and impulsive. I dont think I am neurotic.


I’ve got the COMT AA genotype and feel like I exhibit all of the personality traits on that list in comparison with others. Honestly, I’m not sure all of the traits come from the genes though. My family members are all extremely artistic so I grew up with many opportunities to be creative and improve my mind. Nature and nurture are both part of it, from my perspective.

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COMT rs4680 AG

Anxiety (in a state of constant hyperarousal due to PTSD and ADHD. 40 to 60 mg Adderral XR daily takes care of it. Calms me. When added stress due to infection, surgery, etc I take small amount of 1/2 to 1 mg day Xanax for short period of time. On Cortef for Adrenal insufficiency currently.
Top 2% IQ
No signs of age related memory issues (67 yrs old)
Poor executive functioning.
I work better when faced with a last minute deadline.


I have COMT rs6269 GG

I am artistic, I’m good with words, I perform horribly under stress :slight_smile: , I tend to be impulsive (though with age comes wisdom, maybe :smiley:) I have an anxiety disorder, and I have ADHD-PI (primarily inattentive) . I hope that I was helpful. Have a good day!


Yup, pretty much describes me.

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Exactly. I can totally relate to the above descriptions of my behavior. Crazy.

Hi guspetro,

ditto to the PTSD, never took Adderal, on high xanax for panic disorder for 4 years…
RE: Adrenals
Cortef,: i need help in this area, but i can’t have any B’s except from whole foods; Docs down here in FL are sparse and i find they just go by the blood levels at noon, when i collapsed 4 years ago in another state, i took a bunch of stuff, but i know that adrenals still need help. Is Cortef a Rx?

Thanks, i’m 63, feel like i need help with my mind, and sleep, hyperarousal keeps me awake all the time, have to take sleep meds to sleep for a few hours…homebound, trusting for healing, but it seems like i’m on my own as far as doctors are concerned.

Also, naturopath said i have Lyme, 2 strains, and the docs here say no, not enough bands. So tired of the rat race!

Just found out mercury toxicity, DO gave me some chelation drops…

Really just want my sound mind back!

Oops…COMT rs4680 GG

Have you gone gluten and dairy free? Ask your Naturopathic dr if they’ve heard of humic acid to help clear viruses and Lyme. If not, google Amy Myers MD with Antony Haynes on humic acid. I find it fascinating!:four_leaf_clover:

I got Lyme at the age of 13 at a beach in Rhode Island, and was diagnosed at the age of 38. I stroked out and had an intravenous port installed for IV antibiotics, administered with home nursing care.

This went on for 5 years under the excellent care of a well known MD board certified doctor with a specialty in Lyme. I continued on with 5 more years of oral antibiotics. I owe my life to this doctor. He is now retired and no longer practicing. He is my hero! I also have Common Variable Immune Deficiency, which I was born with. I was diagnosed with it at age 55.

I definitely feel like there are some very strong truths to this.
I am terrible under stress, and all the rest apply to me.
I would say the neurosis shows when I’ve been improperly medicated for adhd (inattentive subtype).
I have also had issues with compulsive overeating, have a lower pain threshold, have higher highs and lower lows in emotional range, and several other concerns which have been connected to this gene.

I wish I knew how to eat, exercise and supplement(or medicate if needs be) to balance this excess of neurotransmitters.

Stimulants have helped, but only in smallish dosages
Anyone else respond the same way or have any positive routines to help remedy it?


You and I sound similar.

I have found adding amino acids (like l-tyrosine or DL-Phenylalanine) to my medication to be helpful.

They can not only help with over eating, but also with replenishing dopamine levels the medication may deplete.

Sounds very familiar!

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Um… all of the above!!

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Have you read the COMT section of the book “Genetic testing defining your path to a personalized health plan” It is very thorough and well researched. The book can go along with a genetic report too

  • Increased ability to experience reward in the flow of daily life - YES
  • Increased creative potential - YES
  • Higher IQ and executive functioning - YES
  • Better verbal working memory and less age-related changes in working memory performance - YES
  • Worse performance under stress - YES
    Higher accuracy with motor performance tasks such as aiming - YES, if I’m not under stress
  • Higher risk of impulsivity - YES
  • neuroticism and anxiety disorders - neuroticism, no - anxiety disorder, yes
  • Higher risk of ADHD" - YES (diagnosed ADHD)

Just saw this, 16mos after your post. FWIW, COMT AA. In order of your bullet list:

  • life is beautiful - even the challenges
  • creativity? Don’t consider any special talent here;
  • IQ: top 0.25% / 99.8 percentile
  • verbal working memory - still exc. at age 67;
  • stress performance: while subjective / unscientific, stress doesn’t seem to impede;
  • Generally not impulsive ; given to deliberation / introspection
  • No observed neuroticism or anxiety.
  • No perception of ADHD .
    HOWEVER, I do tend cognitively to be very associative; “Everything is related to everything”.

But as we know, so many SNPs potentially affect us, we know so little. So I don’t put too much into the influence of any single one.


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