Any RH negative blood types or 1/2 RH negative?

My mother was O RH negative and my father was O RH positive. This was before Rhogam and I had multiple RH negative transfusions.

Both parents were RH negative 0

I am O negative and my mother is O negative as well not sure about my father.

I am O negative…my husband is A positive.
We lost one baby because she was RH positive and I was RH negative. Antibodies built up and caused premature labor. She was born alive but died a short time later. No transfusions were done…this was before Neonatal ICU units were available in hospitals. So much has changed since then and many babies are saved.

I received one of the first injections of Rhogam…it wasn’t on the market yet but had been tested and was about to be marketed. I’m so thankful for Rhogam because I had 2 successful pregnancies after the injection of Rhogam.

I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. I was born in 1956 to an O positive father and an O negative mother, prior to the Rhogam shot. My mother lost 2 babies ( and I lost two longed after and very missed siblings). I received multiple rH negative transusions at birth. I survived and spent 1 year in the NICU at Boston City Hospital. My parents were advised that I would be severely brain damaged. I started to read at age 5, made it through college, had a 30 year career in science. I have been hunting my whole life for information on what really happened to me. Thank you for kindly sharing information on an extrordinarily difficult time. It means a lot to me.

I am A-. Never had kids so never looked into it.

I am O-. Not sure about my mom and dad. I do know that I had jaundice pretty bad as a baby, but nothing has ever been said about the cause. They only kept me under the lights in the hospital for a few extra days, but no transfusion or anything. I do have some blood issues myself, but was able to have 2 very healthy babies.

I’m A- and have a sister that’s 0-

I am O negative and I had many miscarriages when I was younger. I almost lost my daughter because she was RH positive but she was born perfectly fine. The doctors knew that I was RH negative and did some type of treatment early in the pregnancy. (Sorry I am totally blanking on what that treatment was because it was 18 years ago).