WFS1 Wolfram Syndrome Discussion. RS1801212-AA, RS4689388-AA, RS10010131-GG, RS6446482-GG, RS12511742-GG, RS752854-TT, RS10012946-CC, RS734312-AA, RS1046320-AA - Question 1

Does anyone have these WFS1 genes? I am getting discrepancies between Prometheaus report and Livewello.
Does anyone have knowledge on these genes please?

I looked up most of the rs numbers you’ve provided and they’re all benign and extremely common. So I wouldn’t worry about any discrepancies with them since they don’t matter
I found this link which suggests rs734312AA is Homozygous and pathogenic clinvar but I am not sure if I am reading it correctly.

27% of the population has that snp so it’s highly unlikey

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Unless you have optic nerve atrophy, diabetes and other common symptoms of Wolfram’s , like my father…who has Wolfram’s.