New, have questions

When you click on the variant report it gives you a “sample report”, this is just a few of the SNP’s then, this is not everything?

Where do you go to find out what SNP’s you have available to create a report with then?

Is there anything I can do to learn, everything seems so vague and confusing.

You can go to the Gene Library
Many other Livewello users have created SNP templates and many of them have descriptions about the SNPs

thanks, but say I wanted to create a report which had ALL of the MTHFR snp’s but the raw data only shows the RS numbers, without clicking each of the million RS numbers to find out what they are, how can I easily know and pick out just the MTHFR ones? There must be a way.

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There are so many MTHFR templates on Livewello that I’m pretty sure someone has already built a template like what you are needing. But you can still try to make your own.

If your raw data is from 23andMe, you can use their Raw data browser to search for RSIDs by gene name. E.g here is a link to all the MTHFR SNPs on 23andMe chip:

thank you, I had an “ah ha” moment. I didn’t know you could look by name, I thought it was just by RS number, thank you.

@fltanz I have a decent MTHFR template on my profile. You are more than welcome to copy and use. :smile:

Can you share a link to the template here? Thanks