Parkinson's Disease MAOB rs1799836 and Celiac Disease rs2858331

I thought I would share my news on seeing if my gut was the problem and seeing a nutritionist/geneticist/naturopath based on the connection of PD and the Gut see article

I have the MAOB rs1799836 gene but in the middle range risk ie I had only had the 1 gene passed on to me. However what was most interesting was that I have HLA-DQA2 rs2858331 gene but this gene was passed on by both my parents. I was in the high risk.

MAOB is a Parkinson’s disease gene

HLA-DQA2 is the gluten sensitivity

I also had my stool tested and it resulted in me having a bacterial growth in my small intestine caused by food not being processed and eliminated fast enough. The food is rotting in my gut causing the bacterial growth. There are still a few more tests to be done which I haven’t had results for yet.

From the above info I am going to surmise that my PD is caused by my sensitivity to gluten. I am not certain that I have celiac disease but I believe that I probably do or at least have developed a sensitivity for it over the years by unknowingly eating foods containing wheat products. Going by the article and the current research in epigenetics the protein alpha-synuclein and the connection between the gut and the brain and I think for me at least the gluten sensitivity has indirectly caused my PD.

Does anyone else out there have the HLA-DQA2 and MAOB genes?

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Having rs2858331 doesn’t make you high risk for anything. 49% of the population has that variant so of course you got it from both parents. Means nothing if you have it. Same deal with your MAOB gene.

Are you saying you’ve actually been diagnosed with Parkinson’s? If so, it has nothing to do with the variant you noted. But it probably would explain your gastroparesis since it’s a symptom of PD!
Actually scientific and medical journal are ticked DO NOT indicate gastroparesis as a “symptom” of PD.
There is a possible connection between the el dopa but NOT conclusive or definitive.

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Yes I was diagnosed with PD over 5 years ago and my stomach complaints came before. Read this study and you will see why I have my beliefs.

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