ME/CFS- NIH Discovery of multiple copies of same gene, MUST READ

“… all affected family members had inherited multiple copies of the alpha tryptase gene. Laboratory experiments suggested that the additional copies were leading to increased production and release of alpha tryptase protein from immune cells.”

I can’t believe I found this study from NIH. I don’t know if this is a bran new discovery but I imagine it was discovered in the last couple years and they are working on a cure. Hopefully it will lead to a cure sooner rather than later. Ok, I just found an article showing it was discovered in 2016, maybe there are additional articles after this one? If anyone knows how to look it up, please do and post a link to the article here.

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After reading the symptoms does this sound like you?
Do you have tons of allergies?
What other symptoms do you have?
Has anyone had their Alpha Tryptase levels checked? If you do get it checked please let us know what you find out! Thank you so much!

Did anyone have these genes on your report? 23andme didn’t put them on my report, bummer. I have me/cfs and i have been bedridden for the past five years! I am so curious if anyone’s genetic report has these TPSB2 and TPSAB1.
“The α/β tryptase locus normally contains two genes, TPSB2, expressing only β-tryptase, and TPSAB1…”

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I’ve never had my Alpha Tryptase levels tested, but I seem to have some of the symptoms. I also am uncertain if I have the genetics. I have multiple allergies, asthma, unexplained hives and rashes, fibromyalgia (joint pain, fatigue), stomach issues and I’m prone to low blood pressure …