How do I share a gene report

There are a couple of ways to share your report with other people.

1) Share a web address that anyone with a Livewello account can use in accessing a report

  • Scroll to the top of any variance report page
  • Uncheck the: “Check to disable share link” box.
  • Click the link labelled “Copy link
  • Send the copied link in an email
  • Anyone who follows this link will be able to view your report.

The recipient will need to have a Livewello account to view your report.

2) Share access to sections of your Profile.
You can choose to give another Livewello user access to one or more sections of your Profile.

  • Click the Account tab
  • Click Profiles
  • Scroll the Profile you want to share and click the Share button
  • Fill out the form with details of the person who is to have access to your Profile. Make sure the person has a Livewello account and the email address you enter into the form is the same one the Person uses for their account.

3) Share a PDF copy of your Gene Variance reports
To share a PDF of your Gene reports

  • Log into your Account
  • Go to the gene report page,
  • Select the report
  • Click the “Print” button
  • Click the “Download PDF” button.

4) How to share access to your account and Professionally curated Health Reports
The Professionally curated Health Reports cannot be printed, however they can be shared. The data in the reports are updated frequently so it is better that your recipient views a “online” version of your curated report.