HLA-DRB1 Mold gene?

I am -/- for HLA-DRB1. Does that mean that I have the “mold gene” that .makes it harder for my body to detox mold mycotoxins?


I have mold allergies. I was tested for all types of mold allergies by injection under the skin and I was allergic to all but mucin. My DNA is -/- for HLA- DRB1. I have problems with mycotoxins. Nystatin has been effective and several supplements. This gene is also related to several auto immune problems. https://www.jillcarnahan.com/2015/02/08/toxic-mold-exposure-cause-symptoms/


I also have mold allergies…I found out recently that I’m allergic to 10 strains of mold…almost all that I was tested for. I guess since I’m an SNP match that I have the same gene as you do. :slight_smile:
I haven’t turned out to have any autoimmune diseases, but then again the doctors who had me tested didn’t tell me that anti inflammatories can interfere with the test results.

Thanks! I have a referral in to see an allergist
I’ve been having allergy symptoms that aren’t relieved by medicines (I’m on three different meds). Hopefully they will find answers. What do you find for relief for your mold allergy?

Eliminate mold in your house. Use white vinegar for cleaning. Check the seal on your washing machine. Spray the seal with dilute vinegar. Sink and shower drains can have mold so use vinegar in those. I recently had treatment for mycotoxins and high ANA. Nystatin for a few months helped. Mold in food is very toxic so avoid leftovers, anything ferment or aged. I use DAO to help digest histamine. Check you DNA for DAO.


See my new post regarding DAO, etc.

How do you check your DNA for DAO? Unfortunately, there’s definitely mold in this house! I live in military housing. This is the second moldy home that they’ve moved us, too. I don’t see it, but I know it’s here because I did an ERMI test.

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It’s a bit more complicated than that, unfortunately. :frowning:
I paid $600-$700 for the HLA-DRB-etc test recommended in the book Mold Warriors. If his findings are still ligit, I’m not the worst possible combination. Just the 2nd and 3rd worst. :persevere:

I’ve attached a scan from the book on the gene combo’s. Another culprit I’ve learned is mycoplasma - it’s almost always in conjunction with “Lyme & Co.” and possibly mold. A hot area of research in the auto-immune world.

I lost my condo to mold. Roof leak and foundation leak. It was in the sub-floor and in-between all walls - hidden. I’m on disability now.

To be clear, the genetic aspect of mold is NOT an allergy. I had blood and skin tests and zero allergy response for mold. However an AlCat test showed I have a strong sensitivity to molds (so once they’re in the body, they cause inflammation and World Spore III). It’s an inability of the immune system to SEE mold and byproducts in the system (neurotoxins). Thus an inability to create immune memory (the way immunizations work).

I know I’m around mold because 2 showers with mere ‘mildew’ and my hair starts falling out in sheets, the near black-out head rushes start, and neuro-inflammation changes my personality. It’s scary.

Also, C4a that Shoemaker talks about in his book Mold Warriors - evidence has proven that the “Quest Labs only” test is invalid. Blood plasma needs the EDTA in the vials or cytokenes multiply exponentially once outside the body - so disregard that part. My C4a has almost always been normal, dancing on low when I was at my sickest. It has been 10 years, but his book is still a good starting point.

Last point - not gonna lie, my cognition is pathetic at best anymore and I’m an ex-software engineer. But poking around various gene sites, there are deletions that occur as well as mutations. So testing my genome for a specific gene and/or SNP showed up . That is where the interpretation of the HLA-DRB-etc - to - mold gets complicated.

That said, I’m going to try to attach the gene combo’s from a bad photo (I just found this forum).

Hope some of that helps… !

What company did your HLA-DRB test? I asked my Lyme doctor to test for that gene, but he did not. I know that I’m still in mold, so I haven’t seen a mold doctor yet. I have a whole range of body-wide symptoms. For some reason, I just now started to have upper respiratory symptoms (I would have thought those would have been first).

I’m sorry that you’re so sick. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been battling with it in military housing for going on three years. I don’t think that there hasn’t been a body system affected by it yet. I’ve read Shoemakers website, but never his book…only Dr. Neil Nathan’s.