Anyone use Nebula Genomics for full genome characterization?

I am considering using Nebula Genomics for inexpensive full genome characterizations. Frustrated at how often a SNP of interest is not characterized by 23andme or one of its competitors. Anyone have experience with getting Nebula data uploaded to Livewello? And it is apparently low-pass which I think means potential error. Any comments? Should I wait for other companies with higher quality analysis?

I have a particularly uncommon neurological issue that I used 23 & me to try to sort out. It did help to a small extent. However, the greatest help I have had is from a University that is doing a genetic study on this disease. They told me that 23 & me was a really low level dive, so they wanted a blood or sputum sample from me to perform another one. When they didn’t find what they were looking for, they purchased a more sophisticated machine and did a deeper dive “pass”. They still haven’t found what they are looking for, so they have asked for the DNA of my remaining living relatives. So, after all that preface, I would say that the best bet is to identify what in particular you are looking at, then find a University or hospital that is studying that genome. Then become part of their study. It’s free and they explain it !!!

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yes, that would be great! if people have relatives that are willing, i don’t…

Hi Austex

I also have a rare Autoimmune neurological condition, thank you for this information , I will try and find a University rese.
arching the genetics of it.