Any Arnold Chiari, Spina Biida? These are hard questions to ask

Does the defect cause you pain at all? My whole lumbar region is going to hell. I’m only 32! Too young to be having these issues already. Though, my joint hypermobility is likely not helping matters either.

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Interesting… I can’t say it is because of this at all… more likely years of heavy lifting and poor body mechanics :wink: But, I have now had two back surgeries for spinal degeneration, herniated disk that calcified and then those fragments damaged my nerve at L5/S1. Much better now that I had spinal fusion done last winter. Still have nerve damage but the back pain decreased. Appears unrelated to the area with the imperfectly fused vertebra. I have had lots of sciata since 16 y.o. and more Si joint problems and pain all my life. Very unclear how much this may have impacted it… more likely the autoimmune tendancy my body seems to do too well.

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I’m a retired MRI tech. Don’t know anywhere that does upright MRI.
I don’t have Chiari, but have the SNP and a first cousin who had a severe case of Chiari that the Radiologists I worked for missed. ( How embarrassed and angry does that make me!?)

I don’t know where you live, but there is one upright MRI center in Colorado, in one of the Denver suburbs.