Does anyone have this?

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Yes. I do. That’s all I had to say but the site insists I write at least 20 characters.
So now i have.

Thank you for replying. Where do I find the snp for the gene for hemochromatosis-does anyon3 know

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I had chemically induced hemochromatosis due to a blood transfusion error. It want away after about a year. A blood test cant tell you if you have it.

I have one copy of C282Y (rs1800562(A;G)), meaning I am just a carrier of hemochromatosis, not likely to be affected. I, however, watch my iron and now set my health goals differently. When my iron shot up from 103 to 161 after increasing my green veggie intake, I donated blood 3 times and tested again. My goal was to get it under 80, because that seems to be the threshold where inflammation becomes a problem. The ideal total iron is 40-60 according to my health app. 3 pints of blood later my total iron was 78 (hemoglobin 13.4). I still eat the same but will donate blood as long as my hemoglobin number qualifies me. The Red Cross says I save 3 lives with each donation. I didn’t know that many people died for lack of a little blood. Two other biomarkers also seemed to improve with bloodletting.