EDS and other conditions


I have reviewed my EDS gene which was highlighted in red on several of them but there were also more thet had NF (Not Found) in the boxes. Does anyone know why? Or what this means? I am new to the DNA gene testing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance. Xx


The NF SNPs might not be relevant or well documented enough to be used for variance reporting. Also there are several different EDS templates, so you might have better luck with a different one:


Thanks Johan for your reply.


Hi. I’m new to this and living in a brain fog. I cant seem to figure out how to tell if i do possibly have EDS. I know, or i think i know that I should be looking at COL3A1, etc, but I have no clue if when its green, yellow or red, and if its +, ±, and all that, exactly what that means. Please someone dumb this down for me!



I’m also trying to figure out what this means, I know there’s alot of homozygous and heterozygous variants in this health report for me. How can I be tested for EDS?