Abo blood type

what does this mean? ABO Blood Type 1.ABO rs8176719, C minor allele,DI genotype , ±
2.ABO rs8176719, C minor allele, ll genotype , -/-phenotype .Does this mean that #2 question is O-?Does any one know?I can not figure #1 at all that is
me .My daughter just lost a baby in July. #2 is my grandsons numbers. I pay livewello for a chance to study my DNA and his. I can not figure out what my DNA is. I was told I had A- and another time A+
I am confused.

Livewello is decent, but you will do better with clinical genetic testing like Opus23. I’m an editor and I swear by it. Which data set do you have? 23andMe or Ancestry? Just email me and I’ll try to give you a hand.