Need help with hla genes

I’m very curious if I have the mold detox mutations snp’s. Hla snp’s I think they are. Is there a package for this? Is it free or paid? Can someone explain what I need to do?

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Go to Livewello then click on Genetics and search for “mold”.
One good link will be

You will pull up a list of SNPs, at the top of the list will be a button saying “install template” after you do this click on “view report”. This will show you which SNPs you have a variance on. I am mostly green with 2 yellow, no red. That doesn’t tell the whole story. There are other SNP’s not listed that may affect you and green only means you have the most common allele which sometimes is not the best one.
A review by a health care provider well versed in genetics is a good idea.