Fast or Slow COMT or MAOA

Hi! I am new at looking at genes and SNIPs. Dr. Lynch is talking about fast and slow COMT and MAOA. Does anyone know how to see, in LiveWello rapports, if your SNIPs are slow or fast?

The two genes for COMT are rs4680 and rs4633. The A allele on the first slows COMT. With two A’s you are a worrier, with two G’s you are a warrior. With one of each you are essentially balanced between two extremes. The T allele on the second adds to slow COMT. My wife has two risk alleles of each and matches, perfectly, Ben Lynches description of a slow COMT person. If you use LiveWello, you must have a database of gene alleles. Search them for the genes you are interested in. My recommendation is to go online to StrateGene and have Ben Lynch produce you a report for the short list of genes he thinks rule your world. You still won’t know much about how to get more out of your life but you will be closer to figuring out how to start some simple bio hacks.